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RFA-4024UNIDAPT Kit -- RFA 4024

Create any inter-series adapter you need!

All UNIDAPT® sections are made of silver plated machined brass with gold plated phosphor bronze center pin anchored in a Teflon dielectric.

The 30 pieces are stored in a padded, soft zippered carrying case.


6 - Universal Adapters
2 - BNC-Male
2 - BNC-Female
2 - N-Male
2 - N-Female
2 - SMA-Male
2 - SMA-Female
2 - TNC-Male
2 - TNC-Female
2 - UHF-Male
2 - UHF-Female
2 - M-UHF Male
2 - M-UHF Female


Our Universal Adapter is the Key

Each UNIDAPT® fitting has a common connector end and a universal adapter end. Simply choose the two common connector ends you need, and screw them together with the universal adapter.

It's so easy. That's why technicians love it!

Our ingenious adapter kits let you mix and match any 2 male or female coaxial fittings. Build the perfect adapter or cable assembly for the job — male to male, male to female, or female to female.

PT-4000-001 PT-4000-002 PT-4000-003 PT-4000-004 PT-4000-005 PT-4000-006
PT-4000-007 PT-4000-008 PT-4000-009 PT-4000-010 PT-4000-011 PT-4000-012

UNIDAPT® RF Sampler and Injector

RF 4059Cut test time in half! This product uses any of the fittings found in the UNIDAPT® kit (RFA-4024). It allows a technician to sample RF power in transmit without affecting the antenna circuit.

The RFA-4059 is simply inserted between the antenna connector and either the antenna or a dummy load.

An adjustable BNC female port allows a 20-80 dB attenuated signal up to 3 GHz to be either inserted or extracted from the test unit. It can also be left permanently in the antenna circuit for RF power failure monitoring purposes.

RFA-4059-A (Motorola S8B80313B37) Includes N male
(PT-4000-003) and N female (PT-4000-009) connectors.

RFA-4059-A1 Without end connectors.

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