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ST-888 ANI Decoder/Display Unit

ST-888The ST-888 ANI Decoder/Display Unit is a key component of the Selectone Mobile call� ANI (Automatic Number Identification) System, which provides instant identification of a transmitting mobile or station unit in a two way radio system.
Applications include remote status monitoring and control systems, taxi systems, police and public safety, courier services, and other fleet dispatch systems where positive identification of the mobile unit is desired to reduce channel time, to identify system abusers, or to provide a permanent record of fleet activity. The popular Selectone Mobile call ANI System is in daily use throughout the world in over 3,000 fleets with over 75,000 mobile and portable radios.

The ST-888 Decoder/Display is typically connected to the base radio at the dispatcher's location to provide a visual display of the identity of each transmitting mobile unit. The ST-888 is compatible with the industry-standard DTMF (Touch-Tone�) signaling format. Therefore, each mobile unit must have a DTMF ANI signaling option, or be equipped with the Selectone ST-804A ANI/ENI Encoder, or similar ANI encoder module.

The ST-888 is an attractive desk top console measuring 8.0" W x 4.3" D x 1.7" H and operates on 13.6 VDC or 117 VAC with wall mount adapter. The ST-888 includes a real-time clock and calendar, eight code memory recall stack, Centronics parallel port for printer interface, and a RS-232C serial port for interface to a terminal, serial printer, or computer.


  • Compact Size � attractive console measures only 8.0" W x 4.3" D x 1.7" H.
  • Code Validation � internal validation check accepts only valid code sequences.
  • Variable Data Rate � accepts incoming digits from 1 to 20 dps to accommodate both manual and automatic encoders.
  • Internal Clock and Calendar � to print out time and date of each transmission (with optional ST-824 printer).
  • ENI Compatible � provides audible internal alarm and external alarm output upon receipt of ENI (Emergency Number Identification) code.
  • Two Output Ports � for easy connection to a computer and external printer.
  • Internal Memory Stack � allows dispatcher to scroll through the last eight ANI codes received.


Operating Voltage 13.6 Vdc �20%
Operating Current 150mAdc at all operating voltages
Signaling Format DTMF (16 available characters)
Sequence Length ANI or ENI prefix plus 1 to 8 ID digits
Signaling Input Level 30mVrms to 2.5Vrms (composite)
Twist Acceptance -8 to +4 dB if lesser tone is >30mVrms
Noise Tolerance -12dB referenced to lower amplitude tone
Decode Bandwidth +2.3% of nominal DTMF frequency
Signaling Input Impedance >50K balanced
Digit Rate  
Manual 0.5 to 10 Digits/Sec. 80mS min. tone on time
5 Digits/Sec. 4 to 10 Digits/Sec. 80mS min. tone on time
10 Digits/Sec. 8 to 16 Digits/Sec. 45mS min. tone on time
15 Digits/Sec. 11 to 20 Digits/Sec. 30mS min. tone on time
20 Digits/Sec. 14 to 22 Digits/Sec. 25mS min. tone on time
Speaker Mute Form C Relay energizes on receipt of DTMF
Alarm Output Open collector
Serial Port Standard RSS 232 C configured for DCE
Serial Baud Rate 1200 baud, 8 bits, 1 stop bit, no parity
Dimensions 8.0"W x 4.3"D x 1.7"H
(20.32cm x 10.92cm x 4.32cm)

Specifications and descriptions subject to change without notice

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