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PE-1000A Desk-Top Paging Encoder, Two-TonePE-1000A Desk-Top Paging Encoder
Two-tone sequential desktop model paging encoder. The PE-1000A includes all paging tones in Motorola groups 1 through 6, Motorola A, B and Z, plus General Electric groups A, B and C.
The desired tone groups, as well as a substantial list of features are accessible by the field service technician from the front panel keyboard.
This allows the PE-1000 to be customized to fit the specific application. All features are field programmable and included in every unit. A non-volatile memory retains the programming if a power loss occurs.

PE-1000B Desk-Top Paging Encoder, Five-Tone
Five-tone sequential format. Compatible with all 5-6 tone paging groups including EIA, ZVEll, CCIR/EEA, CCIT, EURO.

PE-1000C Desk-Top Paging Encoder REACH™
REACH� Two-tone sequential format. Compatible with all REACH� paging systems.

PE-1000D Desk-Top Paging Encoder, Custom Tones
With customer  specified tones. Custom tones should be entered on our blank programming chart, We will assign a serial number to your custom program for re-ordering convenience. Tone lists that are not submitted on our programming chart may be subject to a $25.00 set-up fee

PE-1000P Desk-Top POCSAG (RPC1) Paging Encoder
POCSAG (RPC1) format. This is now the United Nations accepted standard and is widely used in Europe and throughout the world. The PE-1000P is capable of all numeric RPC1 codes. Available in 512 or 1200 baud.


  • 100 or 1000 call paging capacity
  • All operating functions are field programmable via keypad
  • Non-volatile memory retains programming if power loss occurs
  • Three digit LED display
  • LED indicators for power, transmit, page cycle and ready to talk
  • Automatic PTT and microphone muting
  • All connections made via rear terminal block
  • Provided with AC wall transformer


  • Size: 7.5" X 7.8" X 2.7"

  • Powered from 11-16 VDC, unregulated @ 500 ma (5 watts)

  • Frequency range from 250.0 Hz to 4000.0 Hz

  • Accuracy better than .1% below 1000 Hz and .2% above 1000 Hz

  • Frequency drift less than .1 Hz

  • Flat or de-emphasized frequency response @ -6db/oct within .5db

  • Output is 0 to 4V peak to peak sinewave @ less than 1% THD

  • Output impedance, 5.0 K

  • Operating temperature from -20�C to +55�C

  • Printer Port is TTL output, 300 baud (1 start, 2 stop bits)

  • Relay contact pulls to ground or supply for control outputs

Multi-Call POCSAG (RPC1) Paging Encoder

Ideal for in-house and/or local paging systems for factories, restaurants, local trucking companies, security operations, or wherever direct control of local paging is desired.
The PE-4 and PE-15 use the world standard POCSAG (RPC1) signaling format for readily available low-cost pagers.
All programming is stored in a nonvolatile EEPROM, which may be factory altered at no charge, or at your shop via an optional keypad (part # 38-1006) that plugs into an onboard programming connector. Comes with microminiature wire and plug set for easy  installation or removal, tape mounting materials and easy to follow instructions.

Send up to 4 separate tone and numeric messages. The PE-4 will send tone only, or tone and up to a 10-digit message. The PE-4 is available in 512 or 1200 baud and can be factory programmed to your specific address codes.

Send up to 15 tone-only codes. The PE-15 will send 15 separate codes, which may be used to activate up to four distinct alert tones on each pager, 15 individual pagers, or any combination thereof. A POCSAG transmission is initiated by momentarily selecting a binary code on the PageCall Inputs.


  • Size: 1.78" x 1.03" x .35"

  • Voltage: 6 - 20vdc @ 9 ma

  • Temp. range: -30�C to +65�C

  • Output Z, 2.2Kohms AC coupled

  • Output level, adjustable from 0v to 5v

  • TX PTT Output, open collector transistor numeric RPC1 codes. Available in 512 or 1200 baud.

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