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Morse Station ID

ID-8 Automatic Morse Station IdentifierID-8 Automatic Morse Station Identifier

Provides automatic Morse Code identification for commercial, public safety and amateur radio applications, including repeaters, base stations, mobiles, beacons, CW memory keyers, etc.
Meets all FCC identification requirements.
Low voltage/current operation and small size make it universally applicable.
All functions are programmable with a plug-on keypad included with each unit. All programming is stored in a non-volatile EEPROM, parameters can be reprogrammed at any time. Supplied with miniature plug/wire assembly for installation, programming keypad, and mounting tape.

User Friendly Field Programmable Feature s

  • Eight selectable programmable messages

  • CW speed from 1 to 99 WPM

  • ID interval timer from 0 to 99 minutes

  • ID hold off timer from 0 to 99 seconds

  • CW tone frequency from 100Hz to 3000Hz.

  • Front porch delay interval from 0 to 9.9 seconds

  • Message length 216 characters

  • CW or MCW operation

  • Trigger ID and Inhibit ID, active high or low


  • Size: 1.85" x 1.12" x 0.35"

  • 6-20 vdc, unregulated @ 6 ma.

  • Low impedance, low distortion, adjustable sine wave output: 0-4 v peak to peak

  • Transmitter PTT output: open collector transistor handles 80 vdc @ 300 ma.

  • Temp. range: -30�C to +65�C

DI-16 Remote Data Interrogator for TP-3200DI-16 Remote Data Interrogator for TP-3200

Allows remote access to the TP-3200 for the purpose of retrieving time and hit information, as well as enabling or disabling repeater subscribers.
All DTMF programming functions may be performed remotely with the DI-16. The data is displayed on a four digit LED display, plus a serial output port is provided for output of the data to a computer or 1200 bps serial printer.

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